Can I get it?

21 local TV channels have now launched, these include: Grimsby (Estuary TV), Norwich (Mustard TV), London (London Live), Nottingham (Notts TV), Glasgow (STV Glasgow), Brighton (Latest TV), Sheffield (Sheffield Live), Belfast (NvTv), Bristol (Made in Bristol), Cardiff (Made in Cardiff), Leeds (Made in Leeds), Newcastle (Made in Tyne and Wear), Southampton (That's Solent), Liverpool (Bay TV), Edinburgh (STV Edinburgh),Birmingham (Big Centre TV),Oxford (That's Oxfordshire TV), Manchester (That's Manchester TV), Cambridge (Cambridge TV),  Preston (That's Lancashire), Swansea (Bay TV) .  Throughout 2016 many more launches will be happening. In England and Northern Ireland you can find local TV on Freeview Channel 7 and 8 and in Scotland and Wales on Channel 8. Enter your postcode below and check which channels you can receive and to find out if local TV is or will be available at your address. For all detailed coverage information use this link.  

Retune information

I've heard I need to re-tune my Freeview TV box or recorder to pick up my local TV service, why is this?


Freeview viewers may need to re-tune their Freeview TVs, boxes or recorders, if they wish to watch their local TV channel, once it launches.


Where available, Local TV can be found at channel number 8 in England and Northern Ireland and 23 in Scotland and Wales.


Where can I find more information on re-tuning?


The vast majority of viewers with a Freeview TV or box find a re-tuning straightforward and have no-difficulties. You should be aware that the menus for each Freeview box,TV and recorder differ slightly. Here are some steps on how to retune your TV or box.


Full retuning:


A full retune should only take a few minutes and can be done with your remote control. Here are some guidelines for how to do it, but bear in mind every model of digital TV or box will be a little bit different.


1. Make sure your Freeview TV or box is on an in digital mode, usually by pressing the DTV or digital button on your remote. Then press 'menu'.

2. Select the 'set up' or 'installation' option. If you see picture icons, select the tool box, satellite dish or spanner. If you are prompted for a code, try 0000 or 1234.

3. Select the full retune option. This is sometimes called 'first time installation', 'factory reset', 'default settings' or 'shipping conditions'. Do not select 'channel update' or 'add channels'.

4. Press 'OK' if your equipment asks if you want to delete all your channels. Don't worry this is normal.

5. Channels will be automatically be installed. This may take a few minutes and your equipment may shut down and restart.


In some cases, where transmitter signals overlap, it may be necessary to carry out a manual retune.
If you need more information you will find easy-to-follow retune guides for popular makes and models that can be printed or emailed, click here. Friends or family may also be able to help you, or speak to you, or speak to your local electrical retailer.